Volunteer Commando Carbines

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Other Thompson clones

Volunteer  Mini-Commando

The Volunteer Mini-Commando was a pistol version of the commando , there was a Mark III , Mark 45 , and I'm told a Mark 9 version . They are identical to their larger brothers , except no butt stock , front grip or finned barrel shroud , and they have a very short barrel .The Mini-Commando was also sold by a company called Manchester Arms .


Mark III Mini-Commando

Thanks to Spitfiresubguns for the pictures , visit his spitfire website here

Other Thompson Clones

The Eagle Carbine was first made in the early to mid 60's.

 Thanks to pws49 for the eagle ad .

The Spitfire came next and it was a 95% copy of the Eagle.

Changes were the extractor was a flat style as the eagle has a crescent shape clip to attach it to the bolt .The ejector on the Eagle it is an extension of the dis connector , on the Spitfire there is a separate tang welded to the bottom of the receiver tube which sticks up into the channel under the bolt. The front site is cast aluminum and the end of the barrel is turned down to a smaller diameter, where the Eagle has a machined front site and the barrel is untouched. Lastly the vertical hand grip both are aluminum but the Spitfire has a smoother finish and is slightly smaller,and a little more Thompson looking. For more information on the spitfire and other similar carbines have a look at this great site Spitfire Carbine


The Apache was another Thompson clone , it was similar in looks but redesigned to be more Thompson like. Instead of the round receiver the others had it used a square receiver closer in design to the Thompson . It used the grease gun magazines and fired closed bolt. (New) Thanks to DDT for sending me some pictures of his Apache carbine with optional scope!

The early Volunteer clones were 95% copies of the Spitfire . The safety was now a cross bolt design that didn't allow the sear to get jammed when firing. It was also the first clone to offer horizontal and vertical front grips in wood . previous models had an aluminum fore grip that gets hot after firing for a while .

Later Volunteer Enterprises redesigned the firearm into the Volunteer Commando Mark III which was based on the Apache.

From there it was redesigned into the Commando mark 45 and mark 9 . Its last manufacturer was Manchester Arms.

A company called FOX sold the Fox WASP carbine . Fox eventually sold the design to a company called TRI-C who also took a shot at selling the WASP . If you would like to know more about the Fox carbine and other Thompson clones check out this great website The Fox Carbine
Ingram also sold the M6 but I wasn't able to find much information on it .
Cobray sold a vaguely Thompson...ish gun called the TM-11 seen here .

MTK 1942 prototype . I don't think this one ever made it out of prototype status , but it looks to me like an obvious mix of a Thompson , German MP40 , and Russian PPSH-41 . 

A prototype of a Squire Bingham Model 20 Tommy Gun in .22lr , this one was never released but  recently one did pop up on gun broker so there may be more out there

If anyone knows of any other Thompson clones please let me know , and I'm always down for more pictures if you have them .